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Functional Nutrition

Similar to a bridge performing the function of providing access across water, functional nutrition performs the function of providing the body with the optimal nutrients to access it’s own innate ability to heal.

Functional Nutrition is the bridge between where you are now on your health journey and where you want to be.


When working with a Functional Nutritionist you are choosing to utilize food to help rebalance your body. It truly is a food as medicine approach. Food should not be underestimated in its ability to help guide you across this bridge and our Functional Nutritionist here at KuRated Care Collaborative can prove it!

Although Functional Nutritionists have the ability to create customized meal plans, have plenty of knowledge on the latest diets, know all protein sources and understand the caloric value of foods; they are also trained in understanding the body’s systems in relation to food consumption, digestion and assimilation. An in depth understanding of how and why the body may be presenting certain symptoms sets us apart from other Nutritionists in the industry who solely focus on diet.

Our in house Functional Nutritionist here at KuRated Care Collaborative understands how toxic diet culture can be and strives to facilitate a compassionate non-diet approach to their practice. The body – food relationship as described above is one consideration of many a Functional Nutritionist can focus on.

Other key lifestyle factors such as your relationship with sleep, stress, movement/exercise and community are just as important when it comes to creating lasting change and a state of balance.

Working alongside our Naturopathic Doctors here at the clinic our Functional Nutritionist is able to take a collaborative approach when working with clients. This grants access to their full health history including functional test results to determine the best path forward.

Having this extra insight into presenting symptoms allows our Functional Nutritionist to see what the root cause of the client’s issues are and allows them to truly deliver a plan forward that is customized to the client’s individual needs. Meaning there is no one size fits all approach, every client has different goals, behaviours and health history and our client-centred Functional Nutritionist understands this and renders a plan accordingly.

If you are still curious about a Functional Nutritionists approach, here is a tiny example of a very likely outcome, but everyone is different so it can’t be said for sure.

So let’s say you have been constipated for some time now, how would our Functional Nutritionist go about helping you to alleviate this concern?

1. With a client-centered approach as mentioned above

2. A comprehensive health history, diet, lifestyle, exercise, medication and supplement review

3. Review of previous functional test results

4. Recommending further functional testing

5. Analyzing all of the data to render a nutritional plan to move you forward

6. Educating the client while explaining the plan

What is the possible plan for this client’s constipation concern?


1. Providing mindset techniques to inspire lasting change

2. Eliminate processed foods & foods causing aggravation while adding in whole fresh foods

3. Increasing pure water intake

4. Educating & brainstorming ways the client can manage stress that is best for their life

5. Educating clients on how the digestive system works & providing key takeaways that will improve their digestion and thus constipation

6. Increasing foods that are specific to their situation and/or deficiencies

7. Providing a supplement protocol that is geared towards improving the digestion of foods, increasing the good bacteria and re-mobilizing the gastrointestinal tract

8. Create a positive and beneficial client-practitioner relationship



        • Initial Intake$160
        • 60 minute follow-up $150
        • 45 minute follow-up $95
        • 30 minute follow-up $75

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